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We help companies to improve workforce productivity, engagement, and retention.

Put wellbeing at the heart of good business


Wellbeing conversations have finally reached the boardroom.

This led to lots of questions, lots of research and lots of cups of tea! Did businesses understand wellbeing and its impact? Which business areas were being affected? What makes up a ‘healthy and happy’ workforce? How does wellbeing impact a business’ ability to grow and ultimately the bottom line?
Once these questions had been addressed, the team started to think about how to influence wellbeing, and what could be done to help clients keep their organisation’s healthy and happy.
James Harrington, a British Philosopher, said “Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement”. Taking the same first step that psychologists take to interventions, the team set about researching and designing a platform that not only measures wellbeing, but also helps people to manage it. This is Anova.

We have endured massive amounts of change due to factors outside of our control. We’ve suffered a global pandemic and now we’re faced with the Great Resignation. The good that has come from this is the movement to a world where wellbeing is more important than it has ever been before. This is why we’ve created Anova.

Anova’s story began in the office of a boutique change management company called Marbral Advisory.  As change management professionals, they were charged with delivering successful change but often this was hampered by individual, team, or organisational wellbeing issues. It was clear that change, be it transformational or otherwise, was failing because they were losing sight of the prime ingredient to its success - people.  Not only was the ability to change and growth stifled, but they were seeing increasing levels of mass disengagement, declining workforce mental and physical health, absenteeism and presenteeism, and declining resilience, productivity, and happiness.

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