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Supporting Diversity and Inclusion during the Festive Period

Published by MyAnova

5 December 2023

The festive season is often a time for celebration, happiness, and being with loved ones. As festivities begin, it's essential to try and ensure that everyone in the workplace feels included and valued.

In this blog post, we explore how focusing on diversity and inclusion contributes to workplace wellbeing and employee engagement during the festive period.


Embracing Diversity:

The festive season provides an opportunity to take an interest in learning about diverse cultures, traditions, and backgrounds. Each unique perspective adds to the celebrations, creating an environment that is not only vibrant but also educative. Whether it's celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, or other cultural festivities, recognising and respecting diverse traditions can help to create a greater sense of belonging for all.


Breaking Down Barriers:

Encouraging open conversations about diverse traditions can lead to a deeper understanding of one another. As people exchange stories and share experiences, it can help to create a sense of unity that goes beyond surface-level celebrations, creating connections that last far beyond the holiday season.


Mindful Communication:

Be mindful of  language used in internal communications, ensuring that it is inclusive and respectful of all cultural and religious backgrounds. Consider sharing information about various celebrations and holidays, educating employees about their colleagues' traditions for better understanding.


Flexible Holiday Schedules:

Recognise that not everyone observes the same holidays or celebrates in the same way. Offering flexible holiday schedules allows employees to take time off to take part in their traditions, creating a work environment that supports diversity. Open communication about time-off policies and scheduling can help accommodate everyone's needs.


Diverse Festive Events:

Organise inclusive festive events that cater to a variety of preferences. Consider hosting a potluck where employees can bring traditional dishes from their cultures, or plan a multicultural holiday celebration. By embracing diversity in festive events, you create opportunities for employees to connect on a personal level and strengthen the sense of community within the workplace.


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs):

Promote the use of Employee Resource Groups that focus on various cultural and identity-based interests. These groups can play a crucial role in organising inclusive events, sharing insights, and providing a support network for employees that better reflects the diversity within the organisation.



At MyAnova, we believe that promoting diversity and inclusion is not just a seasonal effort but a year-round commitment, as festivities come at all points in the year. By embracing cultural diversity, practicing inclusive communication, and organising events that celebrate differences,  can help to create a workplace where every employee feels valued and included. This festive season, let's celebrate the diversity that makes us stronger together.

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