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Anova is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product based on listening to the employee voice through feedback and survey data, creating an accountable view of wellbeing.

The product

Powerful analytics to transform your teams


Anova will give your managers bite-sized, actionable improvements. It will also celebrate where you are performing well. Each price package includes a certain number of consultancy days with our wellbeing experts, which can be used to recommend or support implementation of any interventions, or in any other way you choose.

Choice of ready-to-use benchmarkable surveys

Bespoke and tailored configuration of surveys to your organisation

Free actionable and integrated advice to managers

Consultancy days wrapped into product offering

Understand the impact of wellbeing on productivity, turnover intention, and engagement

View summary data or drill down into item level analysis

Gather quantitative and qualitative data

Anonymous and confidential employee feedback

Have control over when to run annual surveys and pulse surveys

View real-time data insights and compare historic data to track progress

See strengths and improvement areas at a glance

High-level protection for your data

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Every employee voice, heard and understood


Phase 1:

Discovery and Onboarding: our team at Anova come together with your team to plan project implementation. We take the time to get to know your business, so that Anova can be effective straight away and provide essential insights and value.

Phase 2:

Launch Anova: We provide you with ongoing support and training to use Anova and to roll out to your teams. It’s super simple and intuitive though!

Phase 3:

Data Analysis (and recommendations if desired): If you wish to discuss the results after your first survey, an Anova consultant will be available to you to review the data and think about the next steps.

Phase 4:

Evaluation and Planning: We recommend reviewing response rates and planning for future pulse surveys and communications.


Implementation and Delivery

Anova is a SaaS product that not only measures wellbeing, but also provides guidance to ensure the adoption of meaningful change. Anova provides recommendations to improve wellbeing in the product itself, and also includes initial consultancy advice as part of each package to ensure businesses get the correct support and guidance from Anova’s wellbeing experts. 

Research has found that for every pound spent on successfully implementing an appropriate action to create a mentally healthy workplace, there is an average of £2.30 in benefits to be gained by the organisation, an ROI of 2.3.


Anova provide an indicative cost per person per month dependent on overall number of users.

PwC’s Return on Investment analysis

Package options



Indicative cost per person per month


(up to 100 users) 



Indicative cost per person per month


(up to 500 users) 



Indicative cost per person per month


(up to 1,000 users) 


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"A greater deep dive into the employee voice"

The survey focus areas and insights gave us a greater deep dive into the employee voice and revealed possibilities for initiatives that would further help improve wellbeing and engagement alongside our existing, award-winning wellness initiatives.

Tina Stuchfield

Head of People and Culture, Standard Bank.

Don't take our word for it, take theirs


“Helped shape our approach to wellbeing”

The Marbral team were very knowledgeable with survey design and analysis, helping us to customise items where required, and the resulting recommendations have helped shape our approach to wellbeing going forwards.

Jennifer Bronte-Hearne

Programme Lead: Social, Economic & Environmental Initiatives, Standard Bank