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5 Strategies to Avoid Burnout with Employee Engagement Surveys

Published by Beatrice Speck,

19 September 2023

Research from PwC’s recent Pulse Survey revealed that 88% of the executives they surveyed are “experiencing higher turnover than normal.” Read that again, yes, 88%.😶

They state that“to successfully execute your plans, you’ll need to figure out your hybrid work model, make changes to processes and operating models, revamp strategic planning and, most importantly, attract and retain top talent.”


This tells us that there is a massive opportunity for organisations to take action, to listen to employees, implement change, reduce employee turnover, and attract candidates.


In particular, employee burnout is a top concern for HR Directors.

Therefore we have created an infographic highlighting 5 Proven Strategies for preventing and reducing employee burnout. Download for Free Now!

5 Strategies for Beating Burnout.

Access our other resources on all things workplace wellbeing and employee engagement at our Anova Knowledge Hub.

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