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Where To Start With Workplace Wellbeing

Published by MyAnova,

3 August 2022

1) Choose Wellbeing Champions

Whether this sits with your HR team, a wellbeing committee, volunteers, consultants, or senior leaders; it is important to identify responsibility for spearheading wellbeing and driving change as your wellbeing ‘champion’. Research shows that projects with ‘champions’ are best able to sustain successful programmes.

2) Measurement and Feedback

Anova was created to measure wellbeing at work, and then help manage it. It's important to ask your employees how they feel and what they want. This will provide you with invaluable information about where to start. Unless you measure current state, you can’t know what will have the best impact. This is one of the only ways to realise the full benefits of wellbeing initiatives – if retention is your goal, it’s time to start asking questions!

3) Plan For Action

Planning is the most critical step in creating change. It helps guide stakeholders, sponsors, teams, and your wellbeing champions through project phases. It also helps identify desired goals, reduce risks, avoid missed deadlines, and ultimately deliver what you set out to achieve. This should encompass any wellbeing initiatives you already have in place as well as set out a vision of how to improve wellbeing.

4) Time To Talk

If you are running programmes to improve wellbeing or investing money into it, you need to communicate what you are doing regularly and loudly! Don’t just use email, think about ways to reach employees that might differ from their inbox to keep them engaged. Create a communication and engagement plan that leverages internal systems and ensures wellbeing initiatives are visible.

If you would like a downloadable infographic of this advice, or wish to discuss business wellbeing support, please contact:

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