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Welcome to Anova consultancy, where we specialise in providing bespoke solutions to improve workplace wellbeing and employee engagement. Our mission is to create healthy environments where employees and businesses can thrive, ultimately having a positive impact on the employee experience and the financial bottom line.


A personalised approach tailored to your distinct needs for improved wellbeing and employee engagement.

Whether you need an SME to offer expert advice, or a temporary resource to get something over the line whilst internal capacity is stretched – Anova consultancy can support you no matter where you are on your journey. That could be getting the foundations in place, creating a vision and action plan for the future, assessing current state, applying best practice principles, implementing a project plan and much more! If it relates to culture, behaviours, employer brand or employee experience, you bet we can do it. 

Our Anova Consultancy Services

Vision & Values Work

Research shows that customers and clients are significantly more likely to buy from businesses whose values reflect their own, and guess what? Top talent is looking for the same thing. This activity empowers businesses to move away from the standard ‘words on a wall’ approach and captures the true essence of the business, providing huge competitive advantage by delivering a set of values that employees and clients alike can relate to.  

Behavioural Leadership Workshops

These workshops focus on positive psychology principles and are designed to equip leaders and managers with the skills and knowledge to effectively champion positive behaviours in the workplace. Leaders learn strategies to cultivate a supportive environment, prioritise employee wellness, or inspire teams to thrive both personally and professionally.

Workplace Strategy

We have a tried and tested approach to writing and implementing employee focused strategies, such as wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, or sustainability, that is continuously influenced by best practice and experts in the field. Whether you realise you need a strategy and don’t know where to start or have started your journey and need some help making things ‘sticky’, our consultants can guide you towards achieving strategic change that sets you up for success.

Data Analysis

Tired of trying to make sense of excel data? Need a nice-looking report to show stakeholders from your engagement survey process? Look no further – we are experts in data analysis and report creation. From free-text analysis to sentiment analysis to quantitative data to graphs, we can help with all types of data analysis to make it usable and actionable, enabling data driven decision making. 

The Fundamentals of Wellbeing at Work

Build a solid foundation for workplace wellbeing with our fundamentals workshop. We cover essential topics such as stress management, work-life balance, and resilience-building techniques. Through interactive exercises and practical tips, participants gain valuable insights and skills to enhance their personal wellbeing and contribute to a positive work environment.

Bespoke Wellbeing Sessions

Need to address the specific need? Whether focusing on manager stress, a sudden decrease in employee retention, or lack of resilience to recent organisational change, our consultants design tailored sessions to meet your unique requirements. 

Improving Team Dynamics

Strengthen team dynamics and cohesion with our specialised programme. We facilitate team-building activities, promote open communication, and promote a culture of support and collaboration. Through targeted interventions, we help teams navigate challenges, build trust, and cultivate a sense of belonging, leading to improved morale, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

What Our Clients say...

Dr. Patricia Tumelty, Executive Director

“Our Anova consultant brought the data to life and showed the people behind the results, illustrating the culture and making it feel like a story, it was brilliant!


Psychological factors and underpinning theories were drawn into the discussion.


There were so many things we as a team hadn’t thought of that we could see through the Anova platform to help us move forward.”

Becky Hill, Founder & Director

​“We started our Anova journey a few months ago and the experience has been fantastic. What really stood out is the emphasis on creating a practical wellbeing culture alongside offering benefits, and it’s easy to see the positive impact this has on our employees.

Our Anova consultant took the time to help us understand our unique needs and goals and with us, as a team, helped create a customised plan that worked for us, making the entire process seamless and enjoyable."

Learn more about Anova Consultancy possibilities

Ready to transform your workplace into a hub of productivity, creativity, and employee satisfaction? Explore the possibilities with Anova Consultancy. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a brighter, more engaged future for your organisation.

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