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The newest addition to the Anova team, Beatrice Speck, has joined Anova as a Marketing Associate.

Bea will play a key role in driving forward Anova’s marketing strategy, both locally and internationally, she is keen to contribute fresh perspectives and creative ideas.

With a passion for mental and physical wellbeing and a strong background in marketing, Beatrice will be responsible for developing campaigns using a creative mindset and strategic approach to effectively communicate the key values and benefits of employee wellbeing, to promote workplace engagement and productivity.

Beatrice brings four years of experience in Market Research to her role. Previously working for a global marketing research agency, her key objectives were project management, managing rebranding initiatives and implementing digital transformation. Beatrice’s expertise in these areas will be invaluable as she launches Anova in new markets and assists in the growth strategy.

Currently pursuing a degree in Digital Marketing, Beatrice will be using both her professional and academic strengths to add value to the brand. From social media management and analytics to omni-channel campaign planning, website management, and design work, she is excited to drive Anova into new markets and contribute to the company's growth strategy.

Outside of the marketing world, Beatrice enjoys health and fitness, travelling and being on the beach. Beatrice continues her curiosity and passion of improving mental health, wellbeing, and psychology, by researching, reading, and listening to podcasts, and prioritising her own wellbeing by spending time with friends, family, and Springer Spaniel, Lockie.

Chief Operating Officer, Jenny Winspear, says: “It’s always exciting in a start-up to onboard your first employee, and we can’t wait for Bea to take our social media and other marketing activities to the next level. Bea will bring a welcome and fresh perspective to our digital marketing strategy and will be playing a pivotal role in promoting Anova in different jurisdictions as we grow. I have no doubt we will also benefit from her research background and bubbly personality when working with our clients on their Anova results.”

Beatrice Speck says: “I am thrilled to embark on this exciting journey as Marketing Associate for Anova. I am eager to contribute fresh perspectives and creative ideas, enabling us to deliver innovative marketing campaigns, using data-driven insights and embracing emerging trends, to help promote the Anova brand to new heights as a successful start-up."

Anova's Marketing Associate - Meet the Anova Team


Anova's Marketing Associate - Meet the Anova Team

Anova is an employee engagement and workplace wellbeing science-backed survey platform that collates anonymous feedback from your organisation. Visualise and analyse your data on your bespoke dashboard, and empower your managers with team-specific recommendations and tailored consultancy to help you build a happier, healthier workforce. To learn more, reach out now!

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