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How to Increase Engagement and Response Rates for Employee Surveys

Published by Beatrice Speck

27 October 2023


Employee surveys are a valuable tool for understanding things like the culture, engagement and wellbeing of your workforce, but getting meaningful data and high response rates can be a challenge. In this blog post, we'll dive into strategies that will help boost participation for your employee surveys. Whether you're looking to gather insights on workplace satisfaction, employee wellbeing, or enhance your company culture, these tips will help to ensure your surveys yield the data you need to make informed decisions and foster a more engaged workforce.


Why Employee Surveys Matter

If you’ve been on our website before or have seen any of our social posts, then you know the answer already.

If not, let’s catch you up with understanding the significance and benefits of employee surveys:

Insightful Data: Employee surveys provide valuable feedback data on things you want to know, like job satisfaction, workplace culture, support, and more. This data is a goldmine for decision-makers looking to make data-driven improvements.

Employee Voice: Surveys give employees a platform to voice their opinions and concerns, making them feel heard and valued, which can boost morale and engagement.

Culture and Retention: Understanding employee sentiments can help in creating a workplace culture that fosters employee retention, attracts top talent, and boosts productivity.

Problem Identification: Surveys reveal issues that need addressing. Identifying and resolving problems can prevent costly turnover and improve overall workplace satisfaction.


Now that we’re primed on why employee surveys are essential, let's explore ways to increase engagement and response rates.


Tips to Boost Employee Survey Engagement and Response Rates

1. Communicate the Purpose

Ensure that employees understand the purpose of the survey. Explain how their input will be used to drive positive changes in the organisation. Transparency promotes confidence and encourages participation.


2. Anonymity and Confidentiality

Assure employees that their responses are anonymous and confidential. When employees feel their privacy is respected, they're more likely to provide honest feedback.


3. Clear, Concise and Engaging Questions

With the rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and easily digestible information, findings from a recent survey in the UK found that around 50% of adults think their attention spans are decreasing.


Therefore, you need to keep your employees' attention. Craft surveys with clear, concise, and relevant questions. Avoid jargon or overly complex language. Employees should be able to understand and answer the questions easily.


A great way to boost engagement in a survey is by incorporating interactivity, such as smiley scales which are relatable to how the respondent is feeling in the moment, drag-and-drop sequences, and more.


4. Timing Matters

Choose the right time to administer surveys. Avoid critical business periods or holidays when employees may be preoccupied or stressed. Ensure they have the time and mental bandwidth to participate thoughtfully.


5. Mobile-Friendly Surveys

In today's digital age, make sure your surveys are mobile-friendly. Most people are more likely to respond if they can do so from their smartphones or tablets.


6. Short and Sweet

Keep the survey short and focused. Long surveys can be intimidating and lead to abandonment. Concentrate on the most critical areas for feedback.


7. Follow-Up Reminders

Send friendly reminders to employees who haven't yet completed the survey. A gentle nudge can significantly improve response rates.


8. Recognition

Acknowledge and thank employees for their participation. Share the results and actions taken as a direct result of the survey to show that their input is valued.


9. Act on Feedback

The most crucial step in increasing engagement for employee surveys is to act on the feedback received. If employees believe their input leads to positive change, they will be more inclined to participate in future surveys.


10. Continuous Improvement

Use the feedback from previous surveys to improve the survey process itself. Continuously refine your approach to ensure that each new survey is more engaging and effective than the last.

How Anova helps you achieve top response rates and continuous survey engagement:


  • Anova creates a clear and compelling communication strategy for each organisation to convey the purpose of the surveys. Anova sends out automated introduction messages, onboarding emails, and reminders to reduce the manual effort needed in chasing responses, while effectively communicating the survey's importance.

  • Confidentiality and anonymity is a must. The platform ensures anonymity, creating a safe space for employees to share feedback. This commitment to anonymity enables employees to express their thoughts openly, fostering a culture of trust and transparency within the organisation.

  • With Anova, you can either choose from our bank of templates, or we can customise your surveys to your specific needs. This makes sure the survey is relevant for your employees, avoiding any confusion.

  • Every organisation’s calendar is different. Therefore we work with you to define optimal timing for surveys based on unique business cycles and objectives. This includes creating a survey calendar that avoids high-stress periods and maximizes employee availability.

  • Anova is compatible with all devices, ensuring user-friendliness, ensuring a smooth adoption process, reducing the learning curve, and enhancing productivity.

  • Your Anova consultant will assist you in creating action plans for post-survey recognition and feedback sharing, guidance on implementing changes and measuring their impact, and providing insights into evolving best practices and innovative survey techniques.


In conclusion

Employee surveys are powerful tools for understanding your workforce and driving positive changes within your organisation. By implementing these strategies to boost engagement and response rates, you can gather more meaningful insights, and foster a workplace culture where feedback is valued. Remember, the key to success is not just collecting data but using it to make your organisation a better place to work for everyone.

Get in contact with Anova now to increase your engagement and response rates for employee surveys.

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