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Delivering Data for Employee Reporting Requirements

 In today's dynamic business landscape, understanding your workforce and meeting reporting requirements are vital. Anova is committed to empower your organisation by seamlessly delivering the data you need for employee reporting while prioritising security and integration.

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Gathering the insights.

Anova gathers data to allow you to measure the direct impact of your wellbeing initiatives on employee engagement and productivity. With real-time data, you can fine-tune your programs for maximum effectiveness and make data-backed decisions to support your HR reporting requirements.


Securing your data.

The security and confidentiality of your employee data is a top priority to us. We employ robust encryption and data protection measures to safeguard sensitive information. With Anova, you can trust that your HR data is handled in compliance with the highest security standards.


Seamless integration.

We understand that organisations may have already established HR systems and processes. We aim to enhance your existing infrastructure rather than disrupt it. Our seamless integration capabilities ensure that incorporating Anova into your HR ecosystem is a smooth and painless experience.


Customised reporting strategy.

Not all organisations have the same reporting needs. Anova works closely with you to create customised reporting strategies that align with your specific objectives. Whether you're focused on workforce diversity, employee engagement, or compliance, we help you define reporting goals and implement strategies to achieve them.

Paul Murphy, Chief Executive

“Anova provided us with a dashboard with intuitive interface access to all the data in one place, with incredible ease of use, we required minimal training which made the integration seamless.


The platform collates data, which allowed us to identify trends that we would have otherwise missed. This has simplified the process of tracking and monitoring employee wellbeing, allowing us to make data-driven decisions.”

Victoria Eastwood, Head of Member & Stakeholder Engagement

“The Anova platform guides you through some really thoughtful questions which cover a broad range of topics, all with the objective of measuring and improving employee wellbeing and engagement.

It has a great user experience and feels like a really innovative and empowering solution for understanding your team.”

Dr. Patricia Tumelty, Executive Director

“Our Anova consultant brought the data to life and showed the people behind the results, illustrating the culture and making it feel like a story, it was brilliant!

Psychological factors and underpinning theories were drawn into the discussion.

There were so many things we as a team hadn’t thought of that we could see through the Anova platform to help us move forward.”

Becky Hill, Founder & Director

“We started our Anova journey a few months ago and the experience has been fantastic. What really stood out is the emphasis on creating a practical wellbeing culture alongside offering benefits, and it’s easy to see the positive impact this has on our employees.

Our Anova consultant took the time to help us understand our unique needs and goals and with us, as a team, helped create a customised plan that worked for us, making the entire process seamless and enjoyable.

I would highly recommend Anova to anyone looking to make a positive change in their workplace culture and to be a workplace that truly wants to put its people first."

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