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How to Check-in with Stressed Managers:

Q&A Tips to Transform 1:1's with Overwhelmed Managers

What’s Inside the Resource?

Essential Questions for Meaningful Conversations

Learn how to ask the right questions that dive into real issues, fostering open communication and gaining actionable insights.

Strategies for Active Listening

Discover the 80/20 conversation rule, where they do 80% of the talking, and you do 20%, ensuring you truly understand their challenges.

Solutions to Common Managerial Challenges

Get practical advice on workload management, managing hybrid teams, conflict resolution, and performance management.

Access your free HR Statistics report on Manager Stress today and empower your organisation with the knowledge to create a supportive and stress-free environment for your managers.

Ready to have more impactful conversations with your managers? Download our Q&A Tips on How to Check-in with Managers now and start making a difference today.

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Access unparalleled workplace wellbeing and engagement insights through employee feedback with our evidence-based surveys.

Revolutionise HR:
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