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Revolutionising HR:

Anova's Employee Engagement Survey Platform

Backed by scientific research and cutting-edge technology, Anova offers managers and leaders an easy-to-use platform to improve employee satisfaction and productivity, giving a better understanding of how their team are feeling. 


Supporting your managers.

Are your managers feeling the strain of increased demands and responsibilities? Anova survey results will equip your leadership team to thrive amidst change and lead with confidence.


HR Technology readiness.

Despite ongoing discussions about the potential of HR technology, many organisations struggle with implementation due to complexity. The Anova platform is ready-to-use with minimal training necessary, having an immediate impact on efficiency and productivity.


Change Management.

Rapid changes in the workplace can take a toll on employee wellbeing and trust. The Anova platform analyses its' impact, identifying initiatives to navigate change with resilience and confidence. This results in the ability to promote a healthier culture and better engagement with change initiatives. 


Secure and anonymised.

We understand the importance of safeguarding sensitive employee data. Rest assured, Anova adheres to the highest standards of data privacy and security protocols to protect your information.

Empower your managers to prioritise their team's wellbeing and engagement with Anova, unlocking unparalleled success.

For every £1 spent on employee mental health,

employers can expect a £5 return on investment

If they knew it was going to make a difference,

64% want the opportunity to give anonymous feedback

Beyond the Paycheck,

Anova & Alexforbes

Employee disengagement costs the world

$8.8 trillion in lost productivity

Dr. Patricia Tumelty, Executive Director

“Our Anova consultant brought the data to life and showed the people behind the results, illustrating the culture and making it feel like a story, it was brilliant!

Psychological factors and underpinning theories were drawn into the discussion.

There were so many things we as a team hadn’t thought of that we could see through the Anova platform to help us move forward.”

Becky Hill, Founder & Director

“We started our Anova journey a few months ago and the experience has been fantastic. What really stood out is the emphasis on creating a practical wellbeing culture alongside offering benefits, and it’s easy to see the positive impact this has on our employees.

I would highly recommend the Anova platform to anyone looking to make a positive change in their workplace culture and to be a workplace that truly wants to put its people first."

Our Clients say...

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Access unparalleled workplace wellbeing and engagement insights through employee feedback with our evidence-based surveys.

Revolutionising the employee voice: 
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